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Gmail invites.

Hey, do any of you who regularly read this (random passersby searching LJ for offers are gonna be ignored, sorry) want a Gmail invite?
I have 5 right now to pass around. You can send your info my my lj account (maddening@livejournal.com) if you want one.

Before anyone asks, yes, I have a gmail account that I'm using for LJ comments coming in. I don't particularly like it and I still have basic issues with the whole "scanning your inbox for buzzwords to target ads at you" thing. The whole "conversation" set up and the fact that I can't just organize things into folders the way I want but have to apply labels to everything and search for things is annoying. However, I work with internet technology software stuff so having a good idea about Gmail well before the inevitable study concerning it pops up is a good thing. Same reason I have a real player and rhapsody account and have downloaded and installed Netscape's free radio player thingy.

Sooo yeah. invites.


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Sep. 14th, 2004 09:02 am (UTC)
I'm not surprised at all that the adwords function is a cause of concern for so many, but I am surprised to see the "conversation" model and "search, don't file" model cause discontent. Is it just that the UI is so different from other mail clients?
Sep. 14th, 2004 03:19 pm (UTC)
It tiles the responses and stacks them up so that you can see that there is a new response in the pile somewhere, but you don't know what it is or who it's from until you click through or scroll down far enough to find it.
For instance, this response was causing a new mail flag, but was under the non bolded name of someone else's reply with someone's else's subject line and it was only after scrolling down through 4 full screens that I actually saw what the "new" thing was.

Besides which I think LJ confuses it. There was no reason at all for this to be considered part of the "conversation" that it was filed under. Not the same day, not the same subject line, not the same thread at all.

The search, don't file thing just annoys me becuase well, I use files. I know how to organize my mail. I don't like the idea that I can't just move things off when I don't want them in my inbox anymore, but instead I have to apply labels to them to make them easier to search.

I'd prefer stacks to flip through rather than a huge pile of random (yet easy to retrive) mail.
Sep. 14th, 2004 05:20 pm (UTC)
I think I see what you mean. I'm used to drag-filing all my mail around in Moz. Thunderbird for work and home; as a "type-a" personality, I get that creepy-good listmaking feeling whenever I organize things from my Inbox to their proper place.

What I've found with Gmail is that I enjoy their models, and that the giant-pile is not anything with which I've contended. I've no more browsed the entirety of my archived mail than I would google the term "the." I've used the labels, but not sufficiently.

What I'm hoping is that they're prepping it for a product rollout similar to their other offering, because I'd like to use it for work mail. My problem with organization into folders is that many mail fall into more than one category: if I'm researching something and a friend spots me a connection along with a personal note, does it go in my Personal folder or Research folder? When more than one project is addressed in a mail, do I put it in Project A's or Project B's folder? Gmail neatly sidesteps all these by maintaining all this itself, and making the searches very fast. The speed has been an interesting benefit, because I'd not realized that the /slow/ searches in Outlook, Express, and Thunderbird had been preventing me from using that feature; it was like my whole thought process ground to a halt while I let my machine pick over one folder full of mail mulch.

You are completely right that gmail is not LJ friendly. This is because you and I are using gmail to deal with the offal from another application, all of which is headed under the subject "Reply to your comment..." which it assumes is all one conversation, with late-joiners. Yeah, I guess it's lame, but it's more like what we're using is a hack, rather than using gmail as a legitimate conduit for conversation.
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