A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Usually if I were feeling this ill, I'd come up with some sort of metaphor for the feeling, the coughing, the general haze... but uh.. I don't think that even when I've felt this ill before that I've felt *this* ill.

Just when I think that it's cycling through (like yesterday when the caugh went from tight and painful to phlegmy and loose) it goes back again or finds a way to be worse.

As long as it's over in about a month, I'll be fine. It's times like this though that I wish I didn't do contract work and had nice secure dependable health insurance. I've spent pretty much my entire working career (except about 6 months really) with no health insurance. And honestly, when I did have it, I would have felt like an idiot going to the doctor for a cold or tonsilitis or something like that. Part of that is just well, it's a fucking cold dude, and part of that is growing up with a dad who mended our broken fingers himself.

So anyway, aside from zicam (which has already been recommended but scares me because of the random 10 different class action suits against it for smell loss), anyone have any "this definitely works" kind of remedies? Even home remedy stuff as long as it doesn't include clam juice or castor oil I'll give it a shot.

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