A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

In case you don't watch the Daily Show, I really recommend you watch this. I'm really glad I actually found a link to this somewhere. It was pretty impressive on the first watch aaaand it holds up.

I think what the last 4 years have done for me have taken me from someone who was kind of liberal leaning in most ways to someone who is just 100% opposite of whatever the fuck you would call George Bush. Give me McCain. Give me Powell. Hell, give me Pat fucking Buchanan... just get rid of these xenophobic good ol boy idiot.

OH, and while I'm making the stupid mistake of talking politics... what self righteous misguided bug crawled up Ralph Nader's ass? Were all those years of being a humble public servant just too much for him and he decided that this year... NOW... this was the time to go out of his way to play the stupid game of politics for the sake of it? I voted for him four years ago becuase he was honestly to me the better candidate. But this time even if there were a chance in hell a vote for him would go anywhere but not to the people who might be getting Bush out of office, he's just made me sick. So in that respect I guess he really has taken his place with the other two candidates.

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