A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It's been a strange few days

On friday night we just sort of hung out and that was cool. Saturday we did some running around and got my passport processing taken care of through the post office and an office that will expedite the processing for us. Then we took a quick look at tuxedos for Karl and also wedding rings and it's clear that we're going to have to have something made custom. That just isn't going to happen before the 24th. Sooo we're going to use what I keep referring to as stunt rings.
I also FINALLY updated my address for my voter registration stuff so now I just need to work out an absentee ballot and I'll be good to go. On Saturday we also saw Shaun of the Dead which was incredibly good, actually. Suprisingly so, especially if you're already a horror buff, there are lots of great little homages and references in there.
On Sunday we started off by heading to the merrifield metro stop and didn't actually *see* the accident happen, just the aftermath of the enormous fucking noise. I jumped out to help the people in the car closest while Karl called 911. The gas pedal was stuck down and the car was pouring out white smoke from the front (which was incredibly destroyed) so a guy got the car turned off and I realized it wasn't going to catch fire afterall, which was really good becuase the driver was in shock, and both of the backseat passengers were bleeding. The older woman was slumped over the seat and knocked out cold when I got up to the door, but as we got the doors pried open she came to.
We waited until the ambulance got there. No serious injuries and the people in the other car took very little damage and no one was even scratched.
That little experience made me realize that when I'm all adrenaliney I forget ALL of my Spanish. All I actually managed was "vamos, arriba" when the driver slumped to the ground and "esta bien?" when I got her into the backseat of our car so she could sit somewhere.

After that we went to Eastern Market then to Old Town, had some thai food, found the spot where we'll be getting married, and eventually ended up taking a long hot bath.

This morning Karl stayed here to work from home and just a bit ago we went to the courthouse and got a marriage license. It was actually pretty damned painless, especially since we're now getting married in Virginia, not DC, and so didn't have to go downtown and didn't have to have a bloodtest.
I think the list for wedding stuff is down to officiant (we're waiting to hear back from the guy), tux for Karl, stunt rings, and uh .. flowers.
Now we just have to find a way to crank through all the remaining stuff we have left to work on and get freakin married man.

We were the only actual *happy* people getting licensed today. That was both nice and sad.

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