A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last night we stumbled across the vice presidential debates. I don't know how much of it we actually saw, but we watched through to the end.
Ya know, I'm really not impressed by Edwards. Cheney, who is the center of all evil on the planet and possibly the world and who I despise, actually somehow came across as more likeable and affable than Edwards. He's still an evil old fuck, but his dodging wasn't as apparent as Edwards. He was much better at rebutting points, and he was, on the face of things, plain spoken.
I know that half the shit he said was utter bullshit, but it SOUNDED good... which is what this is all about.
Edwards sounded like a politician. He sounded like someone who, even if they weren't actually, was just lying through their teeth. He sounded like the tyipcal car salesman. He was too polished without actually being polished.... slick I think is the word I want.

He did a lot of stumbling, he seemed flustered here and there.. he gets points for making the point of getting Cheney's attention and looking him in the eye to make some of the accusatory points, but he still came off as showboating. I liked that he repeatedly brought up Halliburton, but he didn't do it effectively. I liked that he took the "flip flop" Issue and reversed it for all the ways that bush and cheney have done the same things... but I don't like that he didn't then come back and say "see, we ALL do that. It's called learning more about a situation and voting accordingly" instead of just pointing fingers.
I am also fucking annoyed that Kerry and Edwards have still not said "I voted against the body armor because..." or "I voted for the use of force, but said it was the wrong war because..." and hammered that point.
They keep using the "voted for the war, then said wrong war wrong time wrong place" against Kerry. He voted for the president to have the authority to use force. That's it. That's all that vote was. Yes, I give the president the authority to use force. That means that he can go to this other country and say "I have the authority to use force. Listen to us or we'll attack" ... that's the ENTIRE POINT of voting for the authority of the president to use force. It's a bargaining chip.
It's still the wrong war, wrong place, wrong time though and that's why those two statements can exist next to each other without contradiction.

I hate to say it, but Cheney pretty easily won that one.

I do have to say though that the moderators questions were GREAT and I wish they'd asked those EXACT questions of Bush and Kerry.
"what's wrong with a little flip flop?" was my favorite thing to see on the screen all night floating right below Cheney.

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