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I realized that this was posted in a comment after I read it on someone else's journal (if you want a good liberal-ish rundown of stuff going on with the election you can check out insomnia), but that I should post this here too.

This was not the first moment of "what the fuck is that psychotic asshole thinking", but one of the more damaging... Bush Flips Out

I think that standing in front of a bunch of undecided voters and making statements like "John Kerry was voted the most liberal senator... that's saying a lot with that group... that takes hard work" and then making comments about how "liberals think" and that's "what liberals do" was probably one of the worst things he did to himself all night.
Aside from never answering a question, aside from just *lying* through his teeth, aside from creative numbers juggling, aside from all of that.. I think that standing in front of all of the undecided voters in the world and saying derisive things about half of them was the biggest shot in the foot he could have given himself.
He was SO angry the whole debate. It showed. And it also showed that the idea of him just being mad and charging off to war needlessly isn't exactly hard to picture.

Oh, also, in case you haven't seen this: Senator Tim Ryan from Ohio had no compunction about just SAYING why young people are scared of the possibility of a draft (shamelessly stolen from punkalicia)

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