A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Karl and I were married on October 24th.
On the 25th we flew to Paris.
Last night we returned.

Paris is better, but America means never questioning that "plain" means plain and never dealing with the cognitive dissonance created when you've been offered a "chicken burrito" that includes fresh goat cheese.

Already I wish people in cars would drive more like they do in Paris. Granted, they're all insane, but they all know they're all insane and they're all looking out for all the other insane people. I saw one accident or near accident while there and it was a man in a BMW sedan beating the shit out of the back corner of a compact Renault as he tried to park in a space too small for his car.

My French is terrible, and most Parisians have passable if not near perfect English skills, making my French feel that much less useful.

We didn't do a lot of touristy things, just a lot of walking. We'll be going back.

I don't understand the election results. I wasn't in the US for the media and honestly, the channel we watched for coverage was BBC World, so I'm not sure that we were getting the same picture everyone here was. As it was, having the result go to Bush was *shocking* really... I have to agree with a lot of the world correspondant journalists. This shows that the American people AGREE with Bush's policies and therefore aren't just the unfortunates saddled with him as president anymore, they're just as worthy of contempt as their leader.

So everyone who voted for a third party because they're too idealistic to give a fuck about anyone but themselves, here's a hearty fuck you. I really don't understand anyone who voted for Bush. It's just a different species at this point.

I'm sure there have already been days of this and most of it not well thought out or interesting, just pointless nationalistic offensive bullshit, so I won't add my own to it anymore.

Anyway, my week and a half was some much needed unwinding, staring out the window of the hotel, walking, walking, walking, and the occasionally fan fuckingtastic meal. How bout you?

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