A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The project I had to take over at the last minute is tanking. To the point where I told all the participants to just enjoy their Thanksgiving weekend and I'd see if I had an update for them on Monday. Talking to the eople asking for the project, I'm pretty sure we're going to be scrapping this thing. I *hope* we can salvage something. That would be good. But I just have no idea what we could salvage.

Aside from not being able to work becuase of tech things, Karl and I have realized that we never really had a "honeymoon period" becuase we've been stupidly happy and silly with/ at each other since we met. If anything, the honeymoon period has been the last few years (intensifying around the time I moved up here an we actually offically got together).

I had a dream about my wedding dress being all fucked up. There were brown spots at the hem of the liner and in one spot something that looked like grape Jelly. The dress also started off an ivory color (mine was pure white) and at the end when I'd *finally* gotten to a point where I could clean the thing (of course there were a billion things and people in the way of my doing so) it was a deep baby blue and the stains weren't all that bad anyway.
I was putting it on because we were having like... ceremony part two. There were a lot of people there I really disliked. I was playing show pony for them. I wasn't really worried about what they thought, I just wanted the whole thing done.

I think now I will go jump in the shower. We need to get food for the cats and the dog. I should also go to a craft place to see if I can find some of that crazy silica gel stuff for flower drying. At this point the flowers I had for the wedding are still intact and FRESH looking and I want them to dry and be done with it. They're freakin orchids. I didn't expect them to last the DAY, let alone rough treatment for a month.

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