A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I should really be finding an activity for myself or I'll be running the risk of spending all day in here, just fucking around. At the moment I still don't have a project going on work wise and I've considered just starting on chopping out/ down those hedges in front of the house that I hate. I could rake the parts of the yard that connect to the neighbors so I can stop imagining their snide looks at the leaves. And then I could start snipping down that bush on the corner, getting the pieces into the trash as I go. Then I could dig up the stump. And tomorrow, start on the next one.

There are three bigger bushes to cut up and then three holly bushes that I could just pull out out of the ground. I want them all gone and large pots in their place. So I wonder if I should just wait until spring when garden centers will actually *have* pots and when I won't be working in the few hours of sunlight we have each day.

It's still dark here. This is a very not awake mind talking.

I had a dream that had some tertiary involvement from my friend Chuck from high school (pretty much he was there in the dream. I don't remember what it was exactly that was going on. We were both mad at the same guy for different reason. He had actually be slighted/had a vendetta. I was just mad becuase the guy was handing out ads to people while we were in some sort of waiting room. I was going to get him for perpetuating the whole marketting thing. Anyway, that made me start thinking about what some of those high school people are doing with their lives. That made me think I could just search for them. I'm good at finding things, sure.
Then I realized I just didn't have that level of motivation working in my favor. I'm good at finding things when I *really* want to find things but I don't think I care that much about high school people anymore.

This is straight up pure babble in case you hadn't noticed. I think if we have a leaf rake, I might do that today.

The neighbors have all put up their christmas lights and decorations. They probably think we're Jewish or satanists. If Karl gets his way and breaks out the fog machine and the blacklights, well, I think they're opinion might shift more firmly to one or the other. Damned spooky Jews.

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