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Tripping through the hypotheticals

Okay ... so ... hypothetical scenario here to gather opinions about something I was discussing with coworkers the other day.

You're working with someone (let's call them Kathy)that you've actually recommended to their current position. They're working with you on projects. The first few are just fine, things work out great. Then you hit one where there are apparent communication issues. You try to work through it all, and you do, but in the end you end up with a lot of work on your plate that really should have been taken care of by Kathy. But, you get through the work, and you don't really rat out Kathy. When asked, you say, yeah, things didn't go according to plan, but you hold back and don't really tell the *whole* story, put it down to circumstance and misunderstanding, and move on. Kathy, for her part recognizes that she sort of screwed things up, apologizes a lot, and tries to make amends. You figure that's all taken care of and that it won't happen again.

The next project that comes up, you find yourself in need of another person to work on it with you. You just need someone to do some basic work. We'll you're a project manager so who you ask is as your discretion typically. This time you decide to go ahead and choose Kathy, despite the problem the last time, becuase well, she's done so well before, maybe it's just a fluke. Your supervisor though is none too thrilled with your choice and actually takes some convincing. They've decided that they don't like Kathy, but you push to use her anyway. You get your way, the project starts up, and things seem to be going well.

About halfway through the project you get called into the office by the supervisor. The supervisor has had some discussions with Kathy over the previous week that have left them upset and concerned. The supervisor lets you know that since the project began, Kathy has been sending mail to the supervisor letting them know that the project that didn't go so well, well it didn't go so well becuase YOU were a poor communicator, weren't open to questions, and didn't explain yourself well. You also had unrealistic expectations and put off telling Kathy about major components until the last minute when she couldn't possibly complete them. Your supervisor now wants to have a long talk with you about the possibility of you lying about Kathy's performance, and what that means for your future with the company.

So... project gone wrong, then recomendation for further projects, then "oh, but this person was a dick manager" kind of stuff... all from a person who was originally recommended by YOU...

We had a long hypothetical "what if" sort of thing based off of this becuase someone I work with has had this exact thing happen and we were getting far too deep about it with the whole meaning of friendship and how trust is a bankrupt institution and so forth.

Whatcha think?


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Dec. 17th, 2004 10:23 am (UTC)
well, truthfully, i'd want to see the email that the person was sending the supervisor...why? b/c if communication problems were the heart of the last problem, it's very possible they were just trying to make sure that they DIDN'T happen again, but garbled the intent.

it guess i see it could be 2 different angles

version 1: kathy knows she fucked up, and really wants to make sure it doesn't happen again. kathy has not so great communication skills, but is trying to make sure everything is clear, but those horrid skills haunt and so instead it looks like backstabbing, but it's realy not. not that it makes anyone feel any better.

version 2: kathy really is a backstabbing bitch and is trying to fuck you up. kill her. with a hammer. then pee in her shoes.
Dec. 17th, 2004 04:30 pm (UTC)
OKay... that's a good point becuase I forgot to mention that.
The emails were shown to you. You saw what basically boils down to "work was given to me at the last minute and I was reprimanded for what was, and continues to be ALICIA's issues with management".

Keep in mind that this is while Kathy simultaneously spends time mailing you doing the massive "anything I can do to help?! I just love helping! It's no problem!"

And the code word/name thingy here is just becuase I dunno who might be wandering by. I feel weird talking about this all hypothetical like.. but well... I've learned my lesson with just being truthful. It really isn't that big of a deal.

I've been having "no really, do you actually trust people?" conversations lately. In the last year I've learned a lot about trust.
Dec. 17th, 2004 05:46 pm (UTC)
i seem to remember a name issue thingy a while back that got uhm, what's the word i'm looking for, oh yeah....REALLY FUCKING UGLY.

trust is an interesting subject. i find myself trusting people alot less lately. some of it is that some of me is in an angry and bitter place and my own insecurities, where i just have some baggage to deal with. and office politics do NOT fucking help.

i can't talk about it publically yet, but some really interesting stuff is happening at work (actually good for me), but i know it's going to cause major problems with a person i just don't trust. and i don't know how to deal with it. i have to keep working with them, and i ain't about to give them any trust. the corporate environment does not do good things for trust issues, especially with other people that are even more insecure than me who would stab me in the front, not even the back.

in this case, i suspect a serious case of panic and CYA.
Dec. 17th, 2004 06:31 pm (UTC)
Trust? People?


Okay, I'm feeling a little more suspicious than usual, for... um, reasons.
Dec. 18th, 2004 07:15 am (UTC)
I think this past year has been filled with more people than usual doing the walking, talking, looking like a duck thing while somehow still being a massive wolf.
I've been just... tricked... a lot, more so than I am used to. I mean, I will fully admit that I am gullible in the sense that I *want* people to be good and happy and sane. I WANT them to be good people so I will sometimes read that in where it just isn't... but in these cases... I was out and out tricked by sneaky, manipulative people who only thought of themselves and didn't take into account any of the possible ramifications of their actions.

At best, they're just selfish people who don't care about anything outside of themselves. At worst, they're boogeymen kind of people who'd do whatever they could to you just becuase they are capable.

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