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The weather has been increasingly chilly, but not bad. Last night it rained, sleeted, and snowed just a little... just enough for spots of white and the ground to be uniformly crunchy.
I just took the dog out for the morning routine and gave up on goading her into pooping outside. She gets distracted by the wind sometimes. Honestly, if she wants to shit in the house today, I'm cool with that. I'm not going to encourage it... but if we have one of our rare accidents on today of all days, I don't think I'll be too upset.

The current temperature here is about 10 degrees Farenheit (or about -12 in Celsius)which means it feels between -16 and -14 (-26 and -25 C) with the 25 mph winds. Yesterday everything was fine... today I'm living in the tundra.

I try not to post about the weather... but mother FUCK it is cold.


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  • 10 Dec 2011, 04:59
    Поздравляю с очередным днем рождения! Желаю, чтобы все было, и ничего за это не было
  • 22 Mar 2010, 15:28
    I approve of the idea of you as a bulldyke.
  • 22 Mar 2010, 14:05
    my problem is that i hate tumblr. it always looks fucked up to me.
  • 15 Sep 2009, 21:48
    i miss you guys! i have no idea how to log into my old lj account. but i think of you often and am glad you have happy-yay-times lately! (oh PS its kaeren and PPS i dont really lj anymore anyway but…
  • 12 Sep 2009, 09:54
    If it'd help, I could try to describe running into the Suburban. But then I'd have to explain what I was driving, which leads RIGHT back into that whole polyamory thing. Gluh. Carting around all…
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