A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I live in one of those communities that has a community board of directors and newsletters and things like that. They publish their own little neighborhood directory and send you nasty grams when your grass is too long or there are leaves on your roof. I just got another one of these things in the mailbox today and it actually included a photo of them all at the ceremony they had to make the mansion this area is named after some sort of historical building. A local congress person was there and they had a big picnic. The mansion is directly behind the houses a few doors down and I remember there being a big thing going on that day in October.

The picture and the accompanying text thoroughly confirms what I already knew.
These are all older, retired people who don't have a lot going on. They create boards of directors and complex schedules of meetings and events. The newsletter reads like the bulletin board in an Active Seniors community. Everyone is included and thanked, they all provide incredibly useful services. They are all an extreme credit to the community. It's a little creepy. I never really thought about there being a societal structure around where you live. I mean, sure... socio-economic and societal standards dictate a lot... but I mean, I guess I've just never realized that they were having actual meetings about these things.

The newsletter was the type you'd see given out to people in a big corporate entity... the type created to engender a sense of community within a group of people who have nothing more to do with each other than working in the same place. Seeing one in the same tone based off of where they happen to own a home... seems off to me.

I don't know. I've always seen things like that as morale pushing propaganda pieces (because they are). So this strikes me as all kinds of wrong. Why do I need a newsletter telling me all about how *great* and meaningful it is to uh ... have newsletters? or how awesome it is to have my address? Maybe I don't understand becuase my address has never been anything more than where I happen to live, and it's never been a status symbol. Maybe that's why I don't get the appeal of cadillacs or SUVs or the appeal of a lot of the fantastically ugly label crap everyone seems to into. I understand that expensive = good, but understanding the concept still doesn't make it make sense.

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