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quickly devolving into pointless ranting

Too much random clicking through LJ land lead me to a video for a song called "Imagine" by Perfect Circle. I'm not a fan of lil mister Maynard's second big band in the first place so I wasn't expecting gold. The link was all gushy and fan girled and "oh my god, the most touching video EVAR" and shit.
So alright.
It turns out that it's a COVER of Imagine... *that* Imagine. And it's done in Maynard's usual annoying/bored/monotone whine where he can't manage to stop over-pronouncing all his "r"s like all the current T&A pop tarts out now.

On top of the glaring irony of mister fuck them all, annhilate the earth, we all deserve to die actually singing "you might say I'm a dreamer" is the HORRENDOUS video itself.
Images of war, blood, broken limbs, world leaders, flags pumping, jewels, etc. all in all the right spots (ya know, where they get mentioned in the song) followed by Beatific scenes of unspoiled natural beauty and phenomena and... get this... rubber baby dolls of the world. One is a little buddah, one is a little krishna, the one in the middle.. who the fuck knows. I couldn't tell it was white and wasn't wearing a stereotypical shorthand garb.


No really.

Along the bottom the whole time is a CNN - like scrawl with the headlines of the day. Blatant anti bush things, absurdly long list of sports scores with names like "the beavers" intermixed with "the phoenicians". Oh, we're being clever.
Then at the end, with the rainbow coalition of animatronics gone trite going on above it the scrawl points out that in the early 80s, seminal new wave group Devo's video for Beautiful World was comprised solely of public domain footage and that their record company supported them and no one sued.
First of all, way to point out a non-story there. "one time, someone did something... and uh .. no one uhm... minded. yeah."
Third, this wasn't all public domain
Fourth, the realization that the director of this piece of crap (horribly done) is the director of the original Devo video. Maynard requested that he "redo it" but with contemporary footage. And not only did the director agree, but Maynard is now attempting to sell this as an ORIGINAL and interesting idea. Man, talk about a reliance on the knowledge that your core audience is a bunch of clueless, young, wanna be cool kids with no sense of history, pop culture based or otherwise. "I loved that video. Do it for us. Hay! It's this really fucking cool and original!" (it's been done, it's been done WITH this exact song before, but with a better singer).

So yeah. Not in love with Maynard to begin with, but this... this just put the icing on the "what a fuckhead" cake.

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