A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Heeelarious (and will probably offend the majority of you so just skip it)

I think the funniest thing for me about the whole merger thing is that the people screaming loudest about it have no real world experiences with corporations, buy outs, take overs, or uhm, in a lot of cases... jobs at all.

I've seen in several places people say that they feel that Brad is their dad who has now left the family somehow... are you ... are you serious?Are you that into this whole notion of e-celebrities? The really really fucking nasty "I hope he..."s floating around are pretty disturbing. They aren't the reaction of someone using a journalling service, they're the reaction of betrayed friends and lovers... and how many of you have ACTUALLY fucked Brad in a misbegotten one night stand and been left crying with a note on your pillow? Honestly, that's how you're acting.

It's not in the best interest of a company like Six Apart to change the LJ formula. It's a better BUSINESS practice for them to keep it as is. They are trying to form a barricade of diversity against the huge crippling wave that will be Google Blogger. Gmail isn't even out of beta and it's an increasingly ubiquitous email address, even among midwestern housewives and grandmas. I love it when people talk about the evils of corporations, the cut throat nature of business, and how the drive to actually make a business successful on any level is somehow proof of the demonic.

When Mena there says that they aren't going to change it I believe it. It would be POINTLESS to buy LJ and then make it into another version of Moveable Type. They haven't become that successful of a company by making pointless business decisions and funnelling money into no-win ventures. LJ is very different from Moveable Type and that's EXACTLY why they aqquired it. Adept at business does not automatically equal evil. Sure... I understand... mergers in the online world usually mean something gets absorbed and destroyed. The funny thing is, most of you screaming the loudest about all this monopolization of the online world weren't at an age to know what the Internet was LIKE before the run toward ownership of various chunks of it. You're upset becuase an ideal that you *never* *experienced* is now gone.

LJ was always a "for profit" venture. As soon as it went from "just us using the software" to "I'm going to make this an open for everyone site" their goal was to make money and be successful in a self sustaining business. No really. You may not LIKE THAT, but it's true. I for one can completely empathize with what Brad has said about not caring about business, but wanting his business to be successful. I *could* start my own company doing what I do and make a lot more money and be a lot more successful... But I just can't see myself handling the business end of things. I like that Boss lady is there to do the paperwork and handle the billing and taxes and so forth so that I can just do my job, find things, do my research and not worry about those things. Brad saw an opportunity to make sure his business was going to survive and flourish while he was still able to sit back and just play with the geek side and he took it. YAY! Would that we could all do that!

I'm not a Brad cheerleader or an LJ toady. I just honestly believe that all of this high school level bullshit reaction to ANY level of change (from CSS implementation to the use of reply icons)is symptomatic of exactly what LJ has become to so many people... a little festering pot of psychosomatic inbred disfunction. Brad isn't your dad, he's a YOUNG GUY who started a company and who owes you NOTHING. Not a damned thing.

Oh... and companies that don't make money by charging a fee tend to use Ads. It's unrealistic (but really common, believe me) to expect a FREE SERVICE to also be Ad Free. How the hell do you think Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, etc. sustain themselves with their "free email"? Why do you think Oddpost (a *great* mail service, now purchased by Yahoo for its innovative and unique set up) had no ads, but charged for its service? Becuase they're all bastards. That must be why!
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