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So Karl got out of work early becuase of the road conditions in the area. We got 3 - 4 inches of snow today. He called me not too long after he got out of the office and onto the main roads. He's coming here, to Annandale from Dulles. I know that means nothing to most of you. In rush traffic, that's about 45 min - 1 hour. If he makes INCREDIBLE time, leaving the office at 6 means he's home by 7.

I've been on the phone with him for the past three hours while he's been stuck in traffic. We're only off the phone now becuase his cell phone battery died (and yes, he uses an earpiece.. unlike every other driver in VA). 3 hour commute and he's not actually home yet. He decided to stop at the store that he'd been inching his way toward for the past 20 minutes. If he actually makes it here by 7:30 I'll be shocked.

The Inaguration is happening tonight. They've already closed down an insane number of roads in DC and as of 7 they closed down everything around the White House and the elipse. The traffic channel guy on XM actually just apologized to anyone on 395 and let them know that they weren't going anywhere any time soon. Part of it is the snow. It's that sort of snow that compacts and turns into a slick surface almost immediately. Vdot has been scraping and salting all day and it's just turned into one big ice slick, even on major roads like Gallows (they call it a side street, but it's a HUGE sidestreet). Part of it is that everyone was let out of work early becuase of the weather. Part of it is that the inaguration is going on and all the roads in DC are blocked off. But most of it, honestly, is the fuckhead drivers of Northern Virginia. Oh people are fuck heads everywhere, but I have never encountered so many self important "no, I will go to the head of the line," "no, I will just keep going across this intersection even though it is obviously blocked and I will only be blocking traffic," assholes in my life.
Beyond my simple desire to have people use turn signals EVER, there lies a much deeper and heartfelt need to get even 1/4 of the people who live in this area to get their heads out of their asses when they get behind the wheels of their cars.

And lets not get started on the huge array of status driven fucks who absolutely NEED that H2 to do the grocery shopping. Grrrar


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Jan. 20th, 2005 12:32 am (UTC)
a) I had no idea you lived in this area!
b) My housemate had pretty ugly commute going from Springfield to Lorton.
c) As I understand it, there isn't a single part of this region that didn't have ugly, ugly traffic today.
d) I'm quite glad I didn't have to partake of it, and that I no longer have to go to Bethesda tomorrow or Friday. I do have to go out to Sterling, but that should be.. better.
e) Inauguration's tomorrow, isn't it? This is just all the fucktards going home early because everything's closed for Bush's 100-square-block, $40million-of-DC's-dimes party, despite him already being the president and getting a party four years ago.
Jan. 20th, 2005 02:37 pm (UTC)
I've been here for about 2 years now. I *was* further south in Va Beach. I almost had a point and laugh at your post about the "transit night" at Bridges of all places. We drive past that place and laugh and laugh. Then I realized there were people on your friends list who were actually ... going... so uh.. no. (crap place, crap "dj"s, "house and trance" (unless we're talking deep dish and orbital) it another way of saying "club tracks you've heard but lamed up with some rave horn and modern R&B samples thrown in and wishy washy loops I got from my copy of Acid for an hour" heh.. end of mini music rant!

Jeeze... I actually broke my "local news" virginity and watched the complete morons on channel 7 (ABC I think) talk about it. Apparnetly commutes of 1/2 hour were stretching to 3 hours.

I think the Inauguration is happening tomorrow, last night I thought it was going on then. They blocked off the roads last night (well, more of them) and I think it was just all the coverage of the moronic delegates and cunts in fur coats pish poshing the snow becuase 'this is such a wonderful president, and such an important moment in our country's history' etc. etc.

I want to find information on cost and extravagance of inaugurations typically was for earlier presidents.
Jan. 20th, 2005 11:53 pm (UTC)
I went to Cue every Wednesday but ~three from February through November '03, run by djkangal and djpaulen. I liked them, I liked the music they played, and I liked the venue--but only on those nights. It's a decent layout/food/bar/tables, interesting aesthetics, with unpleasant management and a low-quality sound system. I'd have no interest whatsoever in going there any of the other nights, and I don't know how the music at Transit compares to the other events I attend regularly (Alchemy at Nation, chiarOscuro at Edge, and occasionally Midnight at The Meeting Place.)

Ah, local news. I tend to pretty much entirely avoid TV news, except for the Daily Show. ;)

Inauguration Bulltshit '05 was indeed today, and I heard rumor that in addition to blocking 100 square blocks to traffic, as well as the 14th St Bridge, they were possibly going to jam cell phone reception so no one could set off bombs with them! Ah, the price of "freedom."

I'd be curious about the historical cost/extravagance, too.
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