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I've had a horrible online retail experience... which is really not the norm for me.
Never buy anything from this company or their related company (her father owns this and apparently it's a company that's been in operation since 1981). The related company I don't have any real issues with. If, however, dear old dad is who taught this chick customer service, I'd beware.

The woman who runs this company is never available by phone (and they have an 800 number even), never answers mail, and the thing I ordered from them on the 28th of december has been charged to my account, but was never shipped. On the **12th** she said she would look into it. She hasn't written back since.
All I want is a fucking refund at this point.

Actually, I don't know if it is a woman actually. The name is "anne", but the site specialized in BIG women's shoes and has links to sites for hormone issues for trannies and pre-ops as well links to other fetish footwear sites and xdresser.net. So who knows.

Anyway, as a contrast, This company, has SUPER fast service, had the exact same purse I was trying to buy ($2 less) and I've already recieved the order I placed on the 21st.

Anybody have any experience with getting online retailers reported to Paypal/ getting refunds from paypal / basically making sure a small online retailer somehow gets it for being irresponsible and having TERRIBLE customer service? I've never had a retail experience (online or otherwise) this bad before, so I've never had to do anything like that.

On another note, shovelling snow = ouchy

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