A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Yet another reason to dislike Bill O'Reilly

Bill O'Reilly has a radio show. "The Radio Factor". For a while ONE of the stations broadcasting his 2 hours of hate was WJFK, broadcasting to the DC Metro Area. Bill O'Reilly's show was put on after Howard Stern in the morning and then followed up with Don and Mike.
WJFK is an interesting mix of nationally syndicated talk shows and local shows with *most* of the shows being local. Don and Mike, Sports Junkies, Ron and Fez, the Hideout, and even Redskins radio and that terps talk thing.
Bill O'Reilly had TERRIBLE ratings in the area. The management of the station decided to drop him from their roster.
Bill, instead of realizing that he still carried MANY stations that were very happy to have him on the air, decided to get all his little online supporters to barrage the management of JFK with letters of support. Very very few of those who wrote to WJFK were actually listeners in this area.
BUT infinity caved and put him back on becuase they didn't want to piss off all the conservative morons across the country WHO CAN'T EVEN LISTEN TO THIS STATION.
So, he's back on the air. In a market that doesn't listen to him and doesn't WANT HIM on the air. He was removed for ratings, not politics.
So, instead of the Hideout getting its own slot on a weekday it's going to remain a 'whenever we can squeeze it in' show. Instead of the sports junkies getting to come back to their home station with their full time in place, they're getting their show cut in half.

I can't even imagine how screwed this is going to be when Stern leaves and they juggle all the time slots again.

The only good part of all this was listening to Don and Mike mock Bill O'Reilly for HOURS yesterday on their show. "Heil O'Reilly" actually came out of their mouths, more than once. They said he must be an incredibly powerful man in order to effect such a change. They called him boss. They even mocked him through their live on-air product endorsements.

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