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Don't try to be nice on the internet.

I said:

> feel free to screen or delete this. I was passing on through your journal
> info(lead through a delightful post on Feminist) and saw on your info
> page a quote from Mon Amie La Rose. The song wasn't written by Natacha
> Atlas (and it's spelled Natacha by the way), it was written by Cécile
> Caulier originally sung (and made a hit) by Françoise Hardy.

> Just thought you should know your attribution was a little off. cheers.

Their reply was:

wow, that really must have made you day. now get the fuck out of my
livejournal. cunt.

People my age = idiots. Generally. Especially when they're so pumped up on the concept of their own intelligence that they become THAT overly sensitive.

Also, prominently quoting something incorrectly in public = begging to be corrected.

Edit: also... OH MY GOD, the word 'cunt' is SO SUBVERSIVE!
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