A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Me rikey

RavenChic: I think we need to do election campaigns like Survivor. Give the candidates $700.00 a month and watch them fend for themselves. And broadcast it weekly. Make it palatable to the american entertainment appetite.
RavenChic: Run it for a full year before the election.
Me: hehehehe
RavenChic: yep.
RavenChic: Wouldn't you like to see G.W living on my income?
RavenChic: with his daughters no less, in some cheap-ass slummy apartment.
RavenChic: Maybe watch him try to apply for energy assistance, or food stamps.
RavenChic: watch him struggle without health care.
Me: hahahah
Me: oh wow
RavenChic: THAT I would watch. Gimme some popcorn.
RavenChic: I'd enjoy watching him be harrassed by cops because he could only afford a junk heap of a car.
RavenChic: I'd like to see him mop floors.
RavenChic: or flip burgers.
RavenChic: AND it would be a test of character, as well as a chance for the candidates to get in touch with the "real" america.
Me: they'd get to see what the MAJORITY Of their constituents go through
RavenChic: Think we'd get more voters then?
Me: Heheh.. probably...
Me: I ... I really like this idea.

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