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Regarding this post and all the subsequent comments:

I'm anti-gun. I'm anti-Florida. I'm anti-Jeb Bush. I'm anti-pretty much any real world scenario where we encourage the "I need a gun to survive" mentality. If that makes me lop sided and someone who "believed the media hype" then so be it.

I liked shooting guns at the range. I will never like guns outside of that scenario. I have my reasons and all of them are real world "yeah, I was there" sort of reasons that don't involve whatever "media hype" supposedly goes around about the use of guns.

It's cool that people don't have to be opened up to prosecution from the bad guy's family if they accidentally kill someone while defending their own life. But to pretend that this doesn't present the potential for future bad laws built off of this one is kidding yourself both about our current leader ship and the american-right's increasingly bellicose nature.

Also, it's FLORIDA. Not exactly a bastion of well people making good decisions. Florida is a cess pit of the stupid and the inbred. It's pretty to visit if you never ever talk to a local. But that's about it.


Apr. 14th, 2005 02:18 am (UTC)
I am pretty anti-gun, cuz I can't get over the mentality that if you have one around, the chances it will be used are so high. And I think if you wanna mortally wound someone, you should have to be right in they face, using a knife, so you KNOW what you're doin. So theres that.

But the bf is son of a sheriff (a dearly departed one, at that) so he's inherited some of his guns and who the hell am i to be all moralistic when it comes to something like THAT. It also makes him obsessively safe, even in the creepiest situation we've been in, nothing ever got loaded, even.

Now the bff is a little more of a nut. They both got their CCW (carry conceal) just this month :P He doesnt like hurting anyone per se but the action of firing off rounds soothes him with its power (???)

white people - completely understood... been to debunkingwhite?? fave community in terms of food for thought.
Apr. 14th, 2005 11:40 am (UTC)
well, the son of a sheriff thing is enough (but now I have son of a preacher man stuck in my head). I grew up with guns in the house but all I ever remember actually seeing my dad *use* a gun for was an air pistol he would take out to the canal and shoot Musk Rats with.

Very very safe = great. People who actually take the time to learn about guns are usually the type of people who want ALL gun owners to be... but in a chunk of my experience, they aren't. very unfortunately.


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