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Regarding this post and all the subsequent comments:

I'm anti-gun. I'm anti-Florida. I'm anti-Jeb Bush. I'm anti-pretty much any real world scenario where we encourage the "I need a gun to survive" mentality. If that makes me lop sided and someone who "believed the media hype" then so be it.

I liked shooting guns at the range. I will never like guns outside of that scenario. I have my reasons and all of them are real world "yeah, I was there" sort of reasons that don't involve whatever "media hype" supposedly goes around about the use of guns.

It's cool that people don't have to be opened up to prosecution from the bad guy's family if they accidentally kill someone while defending their own life. But to pretend that this doesn't present the potential for future bad laws built off of this one is kidding yourself both about our current leader ship and the american-right's increasingly bellicose nature.

Also, it's FLORIDA. Not exactly a bastion of well people making good decisions. Florida is a cess pit of the stupid and the inbred. It's pretty to visit if you never ever talk to a local. But that's about it.


Apr. 14th, 2005 06:19 am (UTC)
There's only one range in Tacoma, so far as I know... they've cleaned up their act a lot, since the DC snipings. It's a nice place now. As a matter of fact, we're likely to buy guns there from now on, since a clerk at the one gun shop left in Bremerton SWEPT us with a pistol last week. (We were looking for a small auto pistol to teach the twelve-year-old with.) It was kind of interesting-- I dodged right, Merlin dropped, Gordon was about halfway to breaking the guy's arm when he stopped himself.

Going out to shoot... not these days. There just isn't anywhere in the continental US that you can do that, anymore. Even places like the northern Colorado plains have too damn' many people in them... hell, the embankment I used to use as a backstop for plinking with a .22 is part of a subdivision now. Town's actually growing , hey, perilously close to the old missile silos. I wonder if they'll finally seal those things off?

If you really want to protect yourself against rapists, learn to do a good strong throat punch.
Apr. 14th, 2005 11:47 am (UTC)
Well the only time I was there before was pre-sniping. It wasn't a bad place, it just didn't have any problem with you shooting however you wanted and the people were creepy.

Though honestly, I find people in bait and tackle shops just as creepy. Something about "I'm in the business of killing things or helping others kill things more effectively and efficiently" wigs me out.

I have to force myself to just say, okay, to each his own, it's not my thing, but whatever on just about all of the gun talk stuff. Usually "gun people" (people into guns, people who talk about guns, who make guns a big family thing, etc. etc) are really hard for me not to start yelling about. I think that I have been remarkably restrained on this.

Apr. 15th, 2005 05:30 am (UTC)
I think it's the "yeah, we're stupid and we're PROUD of it" vibe. There's an uncomfortable lot of it in the shipyard where I work, especially when you consider that a lot of those guys are trained to work with nuclear materials...


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