A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Why do I bother with this bullshit

Because I:

1 - am dumb
2 - am not cool enough to jump on the bandwagon and disconnect from any critical thinking when NOT thinking better supports my pet cause
3 - have ready 1984 too many times.
4 - am old
5 - don't have cool punk rock hair to go with my hot-topic "Fuck you mom and dad!" buttons.
6 - hold out hope for things that are hopeless.
7 - like pointlessly pissing myself off
8 - wish that just once a community dedicated something that *isn't* horrific would be nearly as dedicated as the communities that are ALL ABOUT the horrific shit.
9 - like making numbered lists about how fucking annoyed and cynical I am
10 - Have always been around alcoholics but have never had the drive to do it myself and I think that pushing myself into yet another pointless argument with people who are never going to get my point of view on a certain topic will be just the thing I need to start drinking in the afternoons.

Or none of that.

Dumb protesting is worse than none.
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