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I forgot how much I liked Ruby.
Heidi, Paraffin, and Swallow Baby are probably my favorites from SaltPeter. But then they're all good and honestly, the whole album is worth it. I wish things like Rhapsody retained correct track listings.
I can't explain why but Ruby lives in my head right next door to Co Kla Coma.
Maybe they share a condo.

Remember when Trent Reznor wasn't as lame as he is now? Yeah... that was neat. I think there is a reason I always mix it up and think he's from Ohio instead of Pennsylvania.

"Why do I frighten you? Becuase I cut down your King Tree. You'd put me in the ground. Can't throw me away. I can speak so softly becuase I have so much power now."

"The more you suck the more I have to swallow, baby"

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