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I love that I can write a note to my boss basically saying "I'm neurotic, tell me no one hates me and that this is just a lull" and she writes back with "well we're both neurotic becuase I was wondering the same thing. But you didn't piss anyone off, so chill out."

Or uh ... paraphrased... yeah .

So I DID NOT see Star Wars. Karl did. We'll go see it at some point. I wonder if I can keep from laughing through this one like I did the last one (not good).

I'm looking right now at all these IDIOTS who dressed up, went to the midnight shows, etc. If you did that... YOU ARE DUMB AND YOUR LINE SHOULD END WITH YOU.

ALso: Mary Kay Latourneau is getting married to the (now 22 year old) kid she molested and had two children with. It's disgusting, she's a pedophile, and if you think that it's just sooooo sweet that their "love" has lasted this long you are just as seriously fucked in the head as the two of them.

No really.

(I'm an aaaaaaaaaaaangry Holly today)


May. 22nd, 2005 05:41 pm (UTC)
I could do a bad Alec Guinness imitation here, with the whole "This isn't the movie you're looking for" bit and like that, but Ewan McGregor beat me to it.

To be genuinely interesting, they'd have to get a group of about twenty fans, all dressed up as Princess Leia. With a three-hundred-pound guy in the gold lame' bikini from Return of the Jedi.

We can't send her to jail about it anymore, so I suppose I'll just wish her the best... *rolleyes*
May. 23rd, 2005 12:24 pm (UTC)
I went and saw this on Saturday. The best analogy for it was Karl's... the movie was like a piece of fruit that has a LOT of bad spots. The bad spots go deep enough that you kind of want to throw out the whole thing, but the good parts are just good enough to make you want to salvage what you can.

I think the fundamental issue I have with this movie is the acting, the directing, and the script. Hahah.

But really... George Lucas doesn't know how to write or *direct* honest emotional turmoil. Romance looks flat, anger looks flat, confusion looks flat. Anakin never looks like he's struggling to hold at bay all his dark intentions, he looks like he's easily swayed and has poor impulse control.

Also, there is absolutely no reason (other than being told to do so) that Ian McDiarmid should have been that campy. There are lots and lots (and lots) of specific lines, "motives" and plot devices that are just big glaring "HUH?" kind of things. It's more lucid than the other and if only compared to the other two newest, it's the best. We all know that that isn't saying much.

And dude... what the fuck happened to Yoda? EVERY SENTENCE is mangled and flipped. He wasn't that poor of a talker. You telling me that 16 years of exile alone on a swamp planet actually *improved* his language skills?


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