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I love that I can write a note to my boss basically saying "I'm neurotic, tell me no one hates me and that this is just a lull" and she writes back with "well we're both neurotic becuase I was wondering the same thing. But you didn't piss anyone off, so chill out."

Or uh ... paraphrased... yeah .

So I DID NOT see Star Wars. Karl did. We'll go see it at some point. I wonder if I can keep from laughing through this one like I did the last one (not good).

I'm looking right now at all these IDIOTS who dressed up, went to the midnight shows, etc. If you did that... YOU ARE DUMB AND YOUR LINE SHOULD END WITH YOU.

ALso: Mary Kay Latourneau is getting married to the (now 22 year old) kid she molested and had two children with. It's disgusting, she's a pedophile, and if you think that it's just sooooo sweet that their "love" has lasted this long you are just as seriously fucked in the head as the two of them.

No really.

(I'm an aaaaaaaaaaaangry Holly today)


May. 25th, 2005 03:40 am (UTC)
Lucas doesn't know how to write or direct. The few scenes out of the original Star Wars that really worked were stolen directly from other movies; it was entirely driven by the special effects. Empire and Return weren't his, thus don't count, and then you get, ooohboy, The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones.

Y'know, with "regular" fiction, you can make a movie, that is to say ONE movie, and send it out there, and be done, and it's okay. It's kind of broken down in the last decade with the conglomerate-owned studios managing to get even MORE money-grubbing, but there never was an "All About Eve II: The Fan Club", or "The Color Even-More-Purple", or even a "Natural Born Killers Ride Again". Yeah, I know, there are also things like the "Godfather" movies and the "Rocky" ones, but mostly movies come in ONES.

But SF always comes in series. Do a third, and a fourth, and... hey, I can still recognize a hoof, beat that horse some more! I think it's that you have to spend so much time on building the world. When you come up with another idea for a story, it's so much easier to just make it fit in with the existing kzinti and puppeteers than to do a whole 'nother universe.

Yoda gets all nervous around crowds. There was this time in the mall when he was a kid, where he wasn't tall enough to find Mommy, and of course he's STILL not tall enough... anyway, yeah.
May. 25th, 2005 12:55 pm (UTC)
and of course Empire and Return of the Jedi were the best of all 6 movies, I think.

I think Lucas in general stopped being good after THX... and I think the school short is actually better than the full length movie (though I still have a strong fondness for the movie). I've never seen American Grafitti, so I can't vouche for it. It *is* interesting though that he's been a collaborator on the Indiana Jones Movies... which really *don't* suck. Maybe Speilberg is the directorial component Lucas' piece of shit scripts really needs.

I'm glad there was never a "2004 : Space Trip!".

Also, I wish William Gibson would be as choosy about his books being made into movies as Phillip K Dick's estate.


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