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Stop making me angry, Bob.

I'm not sure I understand the purpose of Live 8. Was it to simply raise awareness of the fact that there is still an ongoing starvation/disease/death issue in the world? Was it honestly to get the attention of the leaders of the G8 Summit? Hahaha... Seriously? They were supposed to care? Was it to raise awareness of the fact that they've continually talked about these issues for over 25 years and still the problem isn't gone? Was it to give the Boomtown Rats something to do? Was it so that U2, Paul McCartney, R.E.M., and The Cure could still pretend they were relevant in any way to anything? Do they realize that their concert symbol is a big dollar sign sprouting out of Africa?

I'm being pretty facetious here. Maybe it's just my jaded nearing-30 outlook. But the idea that a group of concerts throughout the world will somehow make a group of some of the most powerful policy makers in the world stop thinking about their own agendas and care about the world at large is pretty damned pie-in-the-sky. I thought the point was to get the best of each country to play in their home country? Why the FUCK are the Pet Shop Boys playing Moscow? Why is some utter shit American band like Good Charlotte representing Japan? Why is the list of celebrity presenters for the Philly show nearly as long as the play list?
Tell me again why the Spice Girls weren't okay but Destiny's Child is?

Add the silliness of the concept (shocking that Bob "no really, I'm brilliant" Geldof was the impetus) to the fact that this is a global playlist of bands I would NEVER listen to in the first place, let alone go out of my way to watch/see and you've got one big "huh?" for people like me.

Distributing its broadcast through Time Warner and Viacom is really brilliant as well. Only the behemoths are allowed to broadcast our CONCERT TO HELP EVERYONE STOP STARVING. Only the richest companies will benefit. And we're only going to do it by grovelling to the powers that be. That's a real message for tomorrow there, folks. Just keep asking nicely and maybe someday someone with power might pay attention. This sort of thing is so that people who don't actually do anything to solve the issue can still pat themselves on the back for trying. This is a feel good, not a do good.

Apparently people honestly gave a shit about the concert, about the performers, about Pink "I think I'm supposed to think this is cool and therefore I do" Floyd. I guess I get that on a conceptual level. The way I would if I read about characters in a book, far removed, being interested in such a thing.
Out of the whole playlist for all the countries... uhm...
Annie Lennox has a great voice
I think Chris Cornell is good when he isn't involved with Audioslave, which is who played.
Faithless is fine.
Roxy Music and Duran Duran I both have 80's music softspots for.
Stevie Wonder I don't hate and Sarah McLachlan I know Karl enjoys (but too much 90s radio has left me cold)
And uhm.. a few others that I'm sure I would like (but probably the list from Johannesburg which is all orchestral/pan African music).


Jul. 3rd, 2005 06:17 pm (UTC)
Oh I didn't watch any of it. I did things other than sit glued to AOL and I don't think I've actually watched Mtv for any reason at all for many many years. Beyond that, there's no way in hell I'd sit through any of those acts.
As Umbrella pointed out on my friends list, apparently the lack of attendance in Japan means that Japanese youth don't care about world hunger. The Japanese band list was 5 - 6 bands, with really really really shitty American and UK pop bands making up the bulk of it.

I read that the Pink Floyd reunion actually played out pretty depressingly as it looked like they just weren't thrilled with being there or being together.

Another RESOUNDING success for Bob Geldof.

Jul. 3rd, 2005 08:55 pm (UTC)
oh. i figured you'd watch some of it before summarily dismissing it.

to me, it looked like pink floyd were just being musicians on stage, and i was personally ok with that.

i give geldof major points for actually trying. he could just sit in his fancy house doing nothing. while i think the energy could have been best spent elsewhere, i'd like to think that maybe, just maybe a small handful of selfish americans stopped and thought about something outside thier experience. it was no BandAid, but far better to reach high and fail than to sit on in your house doing nothing about something you care passionately about.

oh, and you missed the crowning experience at the end, the philly VJ saying, "well, that was fun, now it's time for a cheesesteak." *cringe*
Jul. 4th, 2005 03:27 pm (UTC)
I did put a disclaimer in the LJ cut, ya know.
I just don't believe that Bob Geldof at this point in his career is doing anything other than boosting his and his old boys club's record sales. You said yourself that they're giving everyone a "useless online petition" to sign. It's an empty gesture with only one sure outcome - Bob and friends make more money.

As for hoping that maybe some people stopped and looked around? Look at ohnotheydidnt. That is your average, majority American response. Lots and lots of pictures, gossip, and "oh my god, so and so sucked!" kind of response and only a few "ah well, I GUESS it's for a good cause?" kind of comments.

Most people don't know what the fucking point was. If it was to raise awareness of the issue and get POLITICAL PRESSURE put on the G8 Summit, why didn't they even attempt that? Why didn't they make the summit the point and NOT the concert? Maybe this is because I didn't watch the whole thing through Mtv or AOL like the concert promoters wanted it to be watched to get exposed to all that ad content. You know, becuase anyone who cares or might care about crippling world hunger and disease is SURELY going to be fucking *hot* to watch Jay "fuck a ho"- Z.

I wish Bob Geldof would start sitting in his fancy house doing nothing instead of shilling the public into an image of Saint Bob, The Altruistic.

Honestly, I read about that in like 8 different places. Apparently that was absolutely the most outrageous thing about the whole concert for those 8 people who cared about what the point supposedly was. Ya know what was most outrageous for everyone else? Pete Doherty kissing Elton John.


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