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- Last night the humidity continued it's incredible, consistent highs (90% +) until it hit 100% humidity. At this point it is only raising the "feel" of the temperature by about 10 degrees, which simultaneously making everything damp, and limp. It's hard to breathe outside. All of the windows in the house are covered in condensation. Even Mika doesn't want to hang out out there.

- Someone managed to say way too much in a comment on another journal about a fairly obscure movie that I own, haven't seen yet, and have been avoiding learning anything about. Usually if people are going to spoil a movie they do it with something I don't give a damn about. This one, though... I bought becuase I like the director and I knew I would like it. But I also knew it was heavy and disturbing (like the director's other films) and that I really had to be in the right frame of mind to watch it. For 6 months now, when I am in that frame, we've always watched something other than this one film. Now I just have to watch it immediately becuase I feel like the ball has been set off rolling and the next thing I know someone in a community will blab the full details. Who knew Japanese psycho-drama/ horror was so fucking popular, eh?

- I have a problem with waiting until someone's birthday to give them presents. So Karl has had two rounds of presents for his upcoming birthday. Last night I gave him two big collections of Bergman films because we realized the other day that he doesn't actually own any. Now he owns just about everything that's available on DvD. Well, region 1 anyway. I didn't scour any other sites.

- Finally saw 24 Hour Party People. I think for a long time me and Karl were both confusing it with Party Monster... a movie neither of us have even a little interest in. Once I realized who was in it (Steve Coogan) and what it was about (Factory), it was an instant buy. We watched it last night and it was really great. I really do lament being born in 77 instead of just a few years earlier. I'm not sure it would have made a difference, but I just feel like I wouldn't have missed as much.

- If you haven't seen Straight to Hell, you should.
- If you haven't seen Jan Svankmejer's Faust, you should.
- I need better books to read. I can't be bothered with all of the bestseller list bullshit. On the other end of that, I can't be bothered with all the "edgier than though" bullshit either.

- I really do hate television.

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