A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Holly's Pet Peeve Corner

I've been putting togher the "confirmed" daytime mailing address of the participants from my studies and I've realized something. No one knows what the hell "care of" means.

Care of means, it goes to you, but THROUGH the other address you're sending it to. So you would send mail to like... Clive Barker through his publisher.
Clive Barker
c/o Hyperion Books
Bookyland, BL 25556

This is not care of YOU to your company. It wouldn't be:

c/o Clive Barker
Hyperion Books
Bookyland, BL 25556

If you don't get this, just don't use the "care of" tag. It's actually not necessary at all, it's just a formality. You can just as easily get that dripping love letter to Clive at:

Clive Barker
Hyperion Books
Bookyland, BL 25556

If you do get this, and want to use it, It's c/o NOT a percentage sign. NEVER a percentage sign
"%Clive Barker" might be understood by the USPS or shipping company. But that doesn't mean that it means anything.

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