A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The saga of the water heater continues. Becuase you should never buy an appliance from Home Depot. The first one we went to was completely staffed by those who didn't know what they were talking about, didn't understand what you were talking about, and had the ability to be incredibly rude over the phone AND in person.
The second one we went to... the guy actually took care of it, called us back, updated us on everything, told us exactly what we needed to bring in, etc. We just went, paid an (fucking exorbitant) installation fee and that was that.

The thing is, the installers called yesterday to verify the appointment. But the chick on the phone (I guess she was a receptionist) said that I needed to check "inside the furnace" to make sure that the gallons and gallons and gallons of water wasn't just coming from a clogged condensate line.
"Just take the lid off the furnace while it's running and check if it's dripping."

There is ducting shield taped to the top of the furnace and the only access panel gives you access to a few wires and a gas control. I know that there is another panel that can be opened because I watched the gas guy do it... but I have no fucking clue how to get it open and I don't feel like fucking around with the pilot light area of a furnace.

So I got back there yesterday and discovered that the drain behind the furnace is INCREDIBLY clogged. Stagnant slimy water just sitting there on top of it.
But would a condensation line really put out enough water to flood a very large basement from one far corner to the other? I don't know. And since she asked me to call her back, but failed to mention that she'd be closed by 3 (she called around 2:30 or so) I didn't actually get to ask anyone that.

SO they're showing up with a 75 gallon water heater and they're going to replace it and I'm going to have to ask "uhm... could it just be this clogged drain". And then try to bribe them into taking all the beer left over from that last party just to get it the fuck out of the house.

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