A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I know that 51% is a mandate and all...

But I have to hope that ALL OF THIS is going to finally be enough to wake some people up.

Upsidedownland. Where everything that *isn't* in danger is declared an emergency and everything that is in danger is left to fend for its swampy self.

I thought the deep south was the bread and butter of the GOP? Or is it the fact that poor black people don't tend to bust ass to the polls as much as all those yuppie spawned white kids?

I feel like the only white person in America who has no problem seeing these things as racially motivated, or at least no problem seeing why they could be seen that way.

(I've also had half a bottle of Rihaku "Wandering Poet" along with some other tastes of some *terrible* american attempts that were piss-fucking-poor so I'm a little too loose to be typing right now)

My brother... the guy who has to work two jobs so that his second job can pay for the cost of his insurance "provided" by his first job is somehow still a Bush sympathiser. Someone who spent several years (and a bankruptcy filing) trying to claw his way out of the credit card debt his Ex-Wife incurred somehow thinks this mongoloid liar who likes to say he's from Texas is just fine.

I know that this will all come down to another whitewash.. the failings of the liberal media... the lies spun by the liberals. The need to unseat the righteous neo-cons, etc. etc.

Not Ad Nauseum.
Just Nauseum.

I have no faith in people. Why would I suddently have faith in "Americans"?

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