A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I shouldn't be surprised that Bush chose to give his speech in front of a well stage managed set. I wonder how many generators they had to drag in to dramatically light the St. Louis Cathedral.

I'm listening to his speech, but I can't stand to watch his face. His insincere, smirking face. He's trying to look reassuring, kind, hopeful. He's such a poor speech reader that it makes me mad. Especially since he's even worse off the cuff. It's too much to hear him talk about how his cabinet is going to look at their own performance and make changes. It's too much to hear him attempt to address the overwhelming poverty of the region and how he's going to help fix that. The truth is, he doesn't care about black people... but he cares about the poor even less and he's proved that every day of his administration.

It's amazing that he took responsibility. That's not like him. But, as Karl said "Man, his approval numbers must have bottomed out".

No one expected the president to stop a hurricane. They did expect him to *care* even a little about the aftermath BEFORE the cameras showed up and BEFORE his approval numbers dropped.

Sometimes, while watching him speak, I feel like I'm stuck in a dystopic future-land movie. One so stereotypical and banal I would laugh through it. I've disliked political people before. I've never *hated* them before this one. I don't understand how anyone can listen to him read off of his teleprompter and honestly gain a sense that he means ANY of what has been written for him to say. I can't relate to that in any way.

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