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Never again...

I will never ever rant on and on and on and on and on like this in this many seperate posts again.
HORRIBLY fragmented today.
I will be able to cringe at this tomorrow. I can't really feel lots of the parts of my body. I keep losing track of my eyelids and then realizing that they're closed.
But I'm still mentally buzzed up.
GRR. There should be a way to just.. dump it all. dump all the contents.
Like in ghostbusters. Those lil rectangular containment boxes that oozed and shook and screamed and steamed and looked generally foul smelling and vile after the beasties had been captured.
I need one of those to put my brain in at night so that I can sleep. And sometimes during the day so that I can keep from biting my tongue off with the effort of not saying what I want. But mostly at night.

my bed is all pulled out. I am so sick of the sofa bed. it's dilapidated and the frame is all bent. It's a trial just getting the damned thing out every night and there's not enough room in the room to just leave it out.
half the time I opt for just sleeping on the couch or on a pile of pillows on the floor like I'm lounging in a harem of one for a phantom sheik.

I've got blue moon stuck in my head. The ancient version on the very old 78 over there in the dusty corner. I'm so glad I still have a turn table. I'm so glad I still have ancient 78s and 33and 1/3rd and 45s galore.
Nothing beats spike jones on the original vinyl recordings..
Tea for Two is somehow wedded in with my childhood.
mmm.. I'm going to drink wine and curl up with some records and be loved to sleep by spike jones and all his whistles and bells.... sounds gooood.


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