A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Yesterday was our 1 year anniversary. We're making it a whole week kind of thing because I'm working, it's nasty shitty outside, and we aren't exactly swimming in dough. So instead of doing one big thing we're going to have small, repeated nice things.

Last night I made summer rolls and these tempura chicken thingies (and some noodles that were cooked in scorched soy and were therefore inedible... but everything else was good!). And we drank Rihaku along with it. We went through two different sizes of masu becuase we started with the small ones but then switched to the bigger ones while watching a movie so we weren't refilling constantly.

This morning, after Karl went to work and the dog got walked through the cold pissy windy weather to poop I came into the studio to get some work done. When I went out to get a cup of coffee all four mansu were on the dog bed in a semi-circle around the dog who was doing the "I'm wagging my tail becuase I know I'm in trouble" thing.

She didn't fuck them up at all. But I'm concerned that she'd rather lick clean the masu than attack the greasy tempura bits.

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