A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid


It's Monday morning, Karl has a cold, I'm in report writing land, and I still have "sample" bits from Enter the 36th Chamber stuck in my head (and Shaolin kung fu dreams all Saturday night).

We need to finish up building my brother's computer and I need to do the insane cookie baking barrage. Karl has one more week (and a day) of work and then he'll be out for about 3 weeks. Around the 22nd we'll be going down to Virginia Beach and staying until a few days after Christmas.

It snowed Saturday night. We were watching Enter the 36th Chamber and had the volume turned way up becuase the dub (there wasn't an original soundtrack option) was VERY low. About 15 minutes in though it seemed like the white noise/static sound was really really load. It was actually tiny tiny tiny lil hail stones hitting the house. That night there was a glaze of ice on the car but nothing else stuck.

Today it's supposed to snow again. Snow to me is... still weird.

Bonnie McFarland and Rich Vos are on Opie and Anthony today. Neither of them are funny. Both are actually pretty annoying. All the cracker-ass listeners can't deal with Patrice O'Neal. I can't deal with the whiteys with their "I'm gonna say something naughty in a deadpan and it will therefore be funny" crap.

I need to update our movie list. I've seen incredible things lately. Incredible good and also Incredible fucking horrendous.

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