A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Last night Karl and I went to the Depeche Mode concert at the Patriot Center (which is very very close to our house).
The Bravery opened for them. We only heard what creeped through into the outer ring of the stadium... but I can tell you it was shit. Really. Fucking horrible horribleness. At one point chicks behind us in line for shirts were talking and one asked who that band was and the other said "I dunno, but they kinda sound like the Cure".

Becuse they were TRYING to sound like the Cure. The singer literally impersonated a different noted new wave singer in each song. It was really really pathetic.

White people don't dance to the rythym, they dance to the melody. Which is why they're such shit dancers.

People know 3 songs from Depeche Mode but are still more than happy to pay $50 for a ticket to see them.

I was *mad* that the crowd sat down or chose Martin's songs to go get a drink. Fucking fuckers.

Karl sounds like Tom Waits today. My back actually hurts from trying to shake my ass (as is my wont) in a tiny tiny space in stadium seating right on the edge. Pushed against Karl, trying to make sure the dumb white people behind me (who only stood up and got into it for 3 key, very very popular DM songs)could see the stage... it was interesting.

I can't really see a way to describe them. I had heard only a few of their songs, never owned an album, etc. But then I moved up here and Karl has every thing of theirs ever becuase he's a music fiend like that. So I just sound down and listened to the catalogue. Within a few months I knew most of the words to most of the songs, had favorite albums and tracks, and you would have thought I'd known them since "Speak and Spell". They really resonate with me for some reason that I can't really explain. Most of my musical taste is harder, crunchier, wall of noise, or simply angrier. So ... I don't know.

No one was a total fuck, though some people should have stopped and not put on the shirt that fit them back when they saw DM for the first time. And some others should have rethought going to a concert for a band that they were interested in when they were 17 but haven't really listened to since.

I'm not a "fan" like a fanatic, but I do very very very much enjoy Depeche Mode and have a big dumb girl crush on them collectively. The way you can be 10 years old and think that Neil Diamond is dreamy but not really understand what you mean. Yeah.

Martin sang "Home". My night was made.

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