A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I just went through 3 different "work out" tapes until I found one that was actually a "work out" and not some disgustingly over-muscled, fake tanned, bleached, manly freak woman doing a really quick re-enactment of an exercise with a backdrop of all of the fitness equipment sold by that company.

it's nice to find one that had a challenging work out that didn't literally make me just loathe them all. Like the Lotte Burke thing. I liked the work out overall, especially since it was all based on you stretching/using your own strength, etc. but without the "okay, breathe through your navel, strong center, now place your foot behind your head. Aaaaand, squat, and lift, and squat, 12 more.." etc. shit. The problem was the three chicks in the video were these bizarre ballet girls. I realize Lotte Burke is a dance method. Yeah. But uh ... can I see some people doing it who *aren't* naturally 4'11 and 75 lbs with perfect makeup, hair, staring at me like children of the corn to the fucking Yanni soundtrack?

anyway, Karl's been out of town since yesterday morning. I'm trying to wrap up a lot of work without finding every other thing on earth to do. When he gets back I want to be done with this shit.

I recieved 3 different bouquets today. Becuase my husband is nuts, but incredibly sweet. It's nice to know we haven't become the "yes, I need time away from my spouse ALL THE TIME" couple. Heh.

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