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Kalamata Kosher

My mom earlier today was telling me that "oh you guys will do something tonight" after I told her that Karl was going to pick up a few things on the way home and all we really had planned for the evening was beef panang, laab, chicken kra pow and at least the bottle of Nichola Feuillatte Palm D'Or. "Well he'll show up with something". Quite frankly, the fact that he has next Monday off is enough of a cause for celebration. Screw the whole love holiday thing.

But still, stepping outside with the dog two find two big bouquets and a box of chocolates from Vosges (which I only opened because I assumed it was the order *I* had placed last week for some more of the insane "Barcelona" bars (dark chocolate, grey sea salt, toasted almonds))was very sweet. Especially since Karl is so good at just not saying anything or letting on.

Technically, according to the note on the flowers, they're for Arbor Day. He just likes to be early. They're the "Dusk til Dawn" bouquet he also gave me last week (phlox, roses, iris) and another Dendrobium orchid bouquet that's a different color from the ones he sent last week. (the ones he sent last week were the exact colors of the bouquet I made for our wedding).

And the Vosges card read:
"They don't make a PB&J truffle or anything; but they're kinda classy; just like you, hun. Classier than a PB&J truffle. Yep. That's my gal".

The great thing about the Vosges cards are that they're hand written. Some lady (from the handwriting) had to sit with her purple pen and write that on a little card for me. Coco, truffles, caramels, etc. If you're curious about their stuff hit up Vosgeschocolate.com. It all seems really overblown and pretentious but believe me.. the chocolates really do stand up to it.

I think the amazing thing about him and us and all that is that neither of us assert or hold onto any particular role. I've been listening to the radio today and am amazed (as always) by the "my girlfriend told me that if I'm not going to send her flowers at work I might as well just not bother" kind of calls. The angry, disgruntled, pressured people who have to pack a whole year's worth of taking their boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse for granted into a few empty gestures and costly gifts.

Karl got me stuff becuase he wanted to. Not becuase I wanted him to. In fact, in a way I think our "valentine's day" was really last night. We couldn't fall asleep. We just kept talking to each other, being silly fuckers, goofing off. It was exactly like our very first conversations where neither of us would just get off the phone, knowing damned well we'd be exhausted and cranky the next day and that we'd still be talking to each other all day long every day that week and the next and the next. It was.. Hmm.. I don't think I have the vocabulary to explain what it was. It was incredibly good. In the biggest sense of that word.

and Kalamata Kosher.

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