A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

The jolly snowman that the mid-30s childless yuppie couple built on their front lawn after the snow this weekend has begun to melt due to the dramatic turn in temperature we've had. 1 foot of snow 5 days ago... a balmy 67 degrees and sunny today.

After all the neighbors gathered around and shovelled everyone's driveways and sidewalks on Saturday (except ours of course, despite me also going out and shovelling while they were all out there) and he exclaimed with some bizarre pride, like a corporate idiot who believes the hype, or a fervent church goer excitingly telling his buddies how GREAT god is! "This was a neighborhood effort!" I dislike him and his wife even more.

She was out there IN A SKI SUIT. Not a jacket. Not just some warm clothes. A full on ski-suit outfit. It was pink with reflective bits and an exciting dart pattern.

The scarf they tied around the snowman's neck is still there. It's head, however, is not.

I have a desperate urge to wait until after dark and run over there with some red food coloring for the neck stump.

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