A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

So, this morning it's snowing. It's coming down pretty heavily, but it's warm enough that it's barely sticking to the roads. The lines in the snow from when Karl left are still there. We're talking about a *dusting* of snow. Plus it's all dripping and warm out there so the second it stops it's all going to melt.

I looked up the traffic before Karl left and told him he should avoid the beltway. A rating of 10 means no movement, parking lot, less than 10 miles per hour, inching traffic. The beltway was at a 7 when he left. It wasn't even a possibility that he stay home becuase of the snow and believe me, I push any reason at all for him not to go in when it's a snow thing.

We live in Northern VA, where it snows every winter, sometimes in copious amounts. This year we've really only had one large snow storm and it happened on a weekend. The other snow we had in December was so slight it hardly counts. Despite the fact that this area should be used to snow by now in the last 1/2 hour it's gone from dead quiet outside to being a screaming freak out of sirens. You would think that there were some sort of bomb/explosion/massive neighborhood-destroying flash fire. But no, there are just accidents everywhere becuase people who live in an area where it snows have no idea how to drive in the snow. It's so loud and persistent out there that the dog, who typically doesn't care about random car noises or alarms or helicopters or any of that, refused to stay outside to sniff around the snow (which she looooves) and went right back up and stood at the door until we came back in.

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