A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

haha.. I just have nothing to post about. I started to write something here but man... I've just got nothing.
This weekend we played a lot of WoW, my video card died and had to be swapped with an older one (that is still very nice and servicable, especially since I play games that don't tend to require intense frame rates), and I made Karl some cornmeal mush and he not only liked it, but requested more. Yay!

I'm currently listening to Kevin Smith on Opie and Anthony.

No really, people, Opie and Anthony. They are NOT the show they used to be on WNEW. Thank god. If they were, I wouldn't listen. They aren't into being "shock jocks" anymore. They don't do the whole.... we desperately need to have chicks doing something vile to someone else... thing becuase no FCC regulations means that the entertainment is what they do that's actually funny, not how they get to skirting around the "naughty" stuff they're doing in the studio. They're honestly funny. Sure, they still float into areas where it gets fucking gross or you just have to turn it off.

But an added bonus for me is that they were actively censored by Howard Stern while they were with Infinity. So now, they're MORE THAN HAPPY to talk about all the bullshit that is Howard Stern. And I really can't stand Stern (and his fans aren't high on my list either) so hearing them rip his fake, lifeless, annoying, uninspired, doomed show to little bits every now and again. Plus their fans phone barraged Scott Farrell and literally got him fired becuase he's an asshole hack. Heh. So yeah, I listen.

Plus... RON AND FEZ are on right after them. Sure they talk about sports alot, but I think Ron might be my favorite ever radio personality.

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