A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

It's rare that music will make me get up and cross the room to turn off the reciever instead of just turning it down or muting it for a moment. The exceptions are things like Dashboard Confessional, Pavement, (or just about any of those other faux-emo, faux-indie bands that make my skin crawl) and certain recent "hip hop" acts that aren't really hip hop and lack the balls to use bass or tell their front man that he has the flow of a retarded 6 year old.

X Ray Spex - Oh Bondage Up Yours though... Holy fucking shit piss I want to not only turn off the reciever but find her and step on her throat until something meaningful and important contained therein snaps and splinters. "They say girls should be seen and not heard..." first of all... do they? And secondly... YOU should be seen and not heard. Just you, screeching fucko cunt.

This might just be the intense sinus headache I have this morning talking. When you're making sounds that make the already "railroad spike through my face" feeling even more intense you need to take all your "but I'm a punk chick!" bullshit and shove into your dirty twat.

Fred on XM is cycling through a huge block of female singers/bands. They're doing a "surface noise" block where they focus on a certain group or type or something that pulls them all together. Bow Wow Wow, The Slits, etc. Fred plays 80s alternative stuff. New Wave, Punk, Electro, etc. Things that typically weren't heard on the radio, but every now and again there's a big hit.

I pity people who's formative music years were the '90s. '90s music is some of the most painful bullshit ever. Very few exceptions.

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