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Personal Responsibility

Alright. So... all this going on in the news about Mel Gibson. I'm listening to Ron and Fez and they've got a lot of callers who don't seem to understand the whole deal with personal responsibility. There are a lot of people who seem to think that if you're drunk or you're an alcoholic, you are not responsible for your actions or what you say. Alcholism is a "disease" and you can't be held responsible for what you do if you're an alcholic. So if you have a self-created condition where you injest so much of a substance that is NOT addictive that you become addicted to it you are absolved of any blame for any of your actions.

This is what I'm hearing from people who are in the "alcoholism is a disease" front. That poor jew-hating, drunk-driving, rich as hell, privaledged white movie star, Mel Gibson shouldn't be held responsible for the anti-semitic remarks, beligerent behavior, resisting arrest, and inappropriate comments toward a female police officer... because he's an alcoholic and that's a disease. I wonder how this would play out if it was Louis Farrakhan drunk driving and screaming about Jews starting wars.

Wait.. we all know Farrakhan hates jews. That's not a good example. Uhm... Okay.. Martin Lawrence. Or... Chris Tucker.

Basically, anyone who isn't a rich white guy who as in one of the most popular film series ever.

Anyway, is it really any shock that Gibson talked a lot of shit about the Jews? I think it was pretty *known* at this point his feelings on the issue. He just finally said it instead of tip-toeing around it. Personally, I'm a lot more comfortable with American South "I'm just gonna tell you I hate you" racism than American North "I'm going to pretend we're equal to your face but still treat you like a beast behind your back" racism.

So - anyway. Some people have brought up Andrea Yates. The woman who killed all her children and was recently deemed mentally unfit to stand trial. She had long standing emotional/mental issues. She'd been on medication on and off for years and had been hospitalized multiple times. She suffered *intense* post-partum depression after every child she had and was hospitalized nearly every time. Every time her doctors urged her and her husband not to have any more children. However, her husband, the "competent and responsible" one in the relationship wanted a big family. So they kept having children. She kept having psychotic episodes and landing in institutions. So, like many many people who are bi-polar, she decided "hey, I feel fine. I don't need these meds anymore. I feel really sane and level. I'm fixed!" and stopped taking her meds. Which lead to a psychotic episode during which she drowned all her children one by one.

Apparently this woman is THE PERFECT COUNTERPOINT to Mel Gibson according to these "alcohol is a disease, he's not responsible" asswhipes. A woman with a long-standing history of psychotic behavior not being properly looked after by the responsible party somehow equals completely not crazy, simply drunk, supposedly competent to take care of himself dude choosing to get tanked and take a drive.


personal responsibility, I understand is a touchy subject. Becuase no one wants to have any. We like having people to blame, that's totaly understandable and human and one of those weird flaws we have. But you have to stop and look at the difference between what you want to be true, and what is actually true. And recovering alcoholics probably need that more than anyone.

Which is why I think Mel should just have a press conference and ADMIT publicly that he hates Jews becuase his dad taught him to and he hasn't had his mind changed through life. Confession is good for the hard-line catholic soul. Hell he can do the press conference in Latin if that would make it better. But tht might screw with his Catholic guilt. And as Bill Donahue says... guilt is good.

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