A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Mutli-Region DVD Player - how did I ever live without you?

So we watch a lot of movies and TV shows that are not from the US. DVDAsian.com, HKFlix.com, etc. get a lot of our business. And we don't watch much American televison. A few things on Comedy Central (Daily Show, Colbert Report), a few things on HBO (Extras, Sopranos (when it's on)), a few things on VH1 (Flavor of Love). But we don't really do a lot of TV things. And the shows we have from the UK are a huge reason why. American television is, for the most part, utter shit. I can't sit through anything on the networks, reality TV is atrocious, and I just can't get interested in these pathetic dramas like "Prison Break" and "Lost".

We are big Steve Coogan fans. Knowing Me, Knowing You, and I'm Alan Patridge (both series) are just so disgustingly good and funny that it's fucking amazing that most Americans have no fucking clue who he is. We recently placed an order with Sendit.com and got a bunch of stuff. Ricky Gervais: Live 2 - Politics (we had no idea he was a stand up so that should be interesting). Coogan's Run (watched the first episode last night and it was fucking brilliant but nothing we could ever show to friends of family due to accents and rhyming slang... we could just hear the "what the fuck is a porky pie?"). Paul and Pauline Calf's Cheese and Ham Sandwhich, Alexei Say's Stuff, all three seasons, Alan Patridge Presents: The Cream of British Comedy, and Comic Strip Presents (complete edition with every single episode).

That - plush Ishtar and Night on Earth - both of which you can't get on region 1 dvd for some reason. I guess people just will never understand the power of Ishtar.

I've seen all the Jim Jarmush films except Night on Earth and the newest one with Bill Murray that came out recently.

So add all these British things to the huge wave of Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Japanese films lately (about 20 over the last 2 weeks) as well as all the things still sitting there to watch (haven't had the balls to put in Blood and Bones yet... dunno if I can deal with Beat Takeshi being that nasty)... and we have a lot of filmed entertainment to enjoy.

Seriously - how the fuck did I ever live without a multi-region/all format DVD player?

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