A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Oh miss Kate Bush

I love Kate Bush. I discovered her very very late. Karl listened to her when she was putting out her first and second album. I really just started listening to her in the last - uh.. year? I have a very weird way of learning music so I tend to find these people that I ignored for huge chunks of time and realize how good they actually were and kick myself for not knowing them sooner. Anyway.
Kate Bush's last album was Aerial. The first track is King of the Mountain. I was confused about something she said at the beginning (first two lines). So I looked up the lyrics and realized that she's basically equating Elvis to Citizen Kane (or Hearst depending on how you feel about Citizen Kane... though I think the Hearst connection is pretty widely accepted).

So they're both closed off kings surrounding themselves with toys. Except it's still rumored that Elvis is alive and everyone accepts that Hearst definitely died when everyone thought he did.

What kind of brain do you have to have to put Elvis and Hearst in the same place?

I mean.. this is the chick who sang "Babooshka"... so I shoudn't even ask.

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