A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

An Extra Hole

Our two year anniversary is coming up and like the idiots we are we had to exchange presents the SECOND we had them in our hands. This year it's all about toys. Becuase we're stressed out and I feel old and I just want more toys. Karl gave me two lil stuffed animals (one is a Gloomy Bear, and the other is a San-X character that is just fucking weird, honestly - A puppy with his head in a tire - Named, shockingly, Tire Dog), and a Dalek spacerobot toy. I like Dalek lots and lots and lots and I have a secret (meaning Karl knows about it) obsession with Robots. So that's wonderful.

I also got a book about the artist outfit DF Crew - responsible for some incredible grafitti as well as delving into actual photo-realistic fine art pieces. They're incredible and I enjoy their work immensely.

In addition to that he gave me a book called "Buenos Aires" by Christopher Doyle. It's a photo essay/ shooting diary of his work on "Happy Together". He keeps a 35mm camera with him while on set and therefore is privy to many photo opportunities that no one else would be able to snap. His photos, like his camera work, is incredible, intuitive, and likes to push the color pallet and physical speed/lens capabilities of whatever camere he's using. One of the first shoots they did for the movie beyond basic "setting" shots where they give you a sort of cultural sense of the setting and the tone of the film was the one major love scene in the movie.
The entry for that day was great:

"We start wit the first love scene, supposedly en route through the north of Argentina, in a love hotel of a small town somehwere near the Tropic of Capricorn. Leslie is called Po Wing (my focus puller's name) and Tony is Ah Ming (my gaffer). They have cut their names into a heard shape in the wood pannelling of the wall.
Tony and Leslie are finding a way to touch and feel their way around the scene. I'm lost and searching. "It's a Milonga", Wong is complaining. "Stop moving as if it's rock and roll!"
We clear the room. It's just Wong, me, and "the boys". Don't know how or why, but Tony is "on top". I don't know why or how, either. "Where I am is both as evocative and discreet as we could hope to be."
It's a beautiful and sensual scene. Tony and Leslie really look great in bed. But Tony is devistated when it's all done.
"Wong said all I had to do was kiss." he confides to me, "now look how far he's pushed me."
Leslie is in a spirited, bitchy mood. "Now you know how bad I've felt all these years pretending I want to put my thing in that extra hole that women have!" "

It's even better with the pictures of Wong talking to both of them on the tiny dilapidated bed and the shot of Leslie, barely clothed lying there with a cigarette bathed in the strange neon-like, yet eroding and damaged colors of the room.

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