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New things we watched...

The Sentimental Swordsman (To ching chien ko wu ching chien) - Shaw Scope-riffic. This was from a similar time period as "Have Sword Will Travel". It was really up there in production values as compared to many other kung-fu films from the era. The fighting wasn't as "hard core" as some other Shaw Brothers films but it was really well shot, the production design was gorgeous, and it included the improbably super villian, the Plum Blossom Bandit. OH - and starred Kwok Kuen Chan who was later "Big Whale" in project A and then "Curly" in Drunken Master 2 (or Legend of Drunken Master - same movie) as well as Norman Chu who's been in just about everything including Master Killer, Hell Has No Gates, The Duel (both the original and the later version), Zu: Warriors from Magic Mountain ('83 version), and Wing Chun.

Cinderella - This has nothing to do with the classic cinderella story. And - despite some dumb commentors on IMDB, it is NOT "just like Dark Water" simply becuase it deals with the relationship between a mother and daughter. Was this a shocking jump a second movie? No. But it was very creepy and slow building and compelling. It was a good horror film. Which to most self claimed horror fans means it should be gorey and there should be a lot of jumps and glaring LOOKIT THE BLOOOOOD! moments. Thankfully this wasn't that. Despite the american reviewers not really understanding that horror doesn't have to have a neat little bow put on the end of it (and that it's usually scarier if it isn't), that wasn't really the issue I had with the movie. I feel like the plot got a little convoluted and muddled. While the main points hold and are really played out in a way that doesn't have that hacky "look! plot twist!" feel, it sort of feels in some places that they needed something to happen in the film so they just .. jumped to it... through a huge stretch of implausibility. Anyway - this is stylish in a way that a lot of Asian horror is not. It's lighting and overall visual style is one I usually associate with a movie like Kyua. Playing with time and memory and reality and so forth that ends up making it all very dreamy. It's definitely worth a look if for no other reason than it being a step outside of the usual supernatural asian horror film with a ghost kid. This is more about how horrifying people are than about ghosts.

And in the "becuase we like Eugene Levy and this is guaranteed to be bad" category - The Man - yeah. It was cute. It wasn't as bad as we expected it to be. But it was... what it was.

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