A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Recent Movies:

Happy Together - Wong Kar-Wai. Gorgeous and a rare "hopefull" ending. I read the Christoper Doyle shooting diary for this and was expecting something not up to par. This proves that Christopher Doyle is a terrible judge of his own work.

Crazy First Love - wacky Korean romantic comedy with some disturbing "well that's just what women are for" sort of themes that I don't think were meant sarcastically. It's no big deal in a Korean film for someone to beat the hell out of a woman and for them to still be the good guy. Like - beating women doesn't impinge on their character any more than say - putting a dog in its kennel when it shit on the floor would. OH - and women are given away by their father for marriage and that's that. Nice. But it was funny overall.

Windstruck - very bad. It was by the same chick/ director/ writer as My Sassy Girl and he was obviously trying for something a little more serious. The problem was we honestly thought we were watching a really really well done dry parody of other films becuase of how melodramatic and uneven it was. There were about 30- endings, the actual end was a big "huh?" and - while the actress was fine - her and the guy she was all hooked up with had absolutely no chemistry. This was just bad - and unfortunately it wasn't meant to be.

We got a huge collection of things today in the mail so I'm sure the movie watching is going to ramp back up. It's just been "let's just watch Letterman and go to sleep" lately.

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