A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I don't know what happened - but O&A isn't O&A today. It's Rich Vos, Joe Rogan, and some other dude. So it's rambling about weed, why it's illegal, how to exploit the medical marijuana system, mixed martial arts, ultimate fighting, etc. He's apparently like - all into this kick boxing /martial arts / ultimate fighting thing. He's so far up his own ass and impressed with his own knowledge base. Nothing he's saying in general is incorrect. And most of it is stuff I've said myself or heard others who know a little bit about stuff say. They're very common sense sort of arguments about the drug war, personal responsibility, and a basic libertarian view (the government is not your daddy is what it boils down to). But it's like the kind of conversation you have with a friend after you've been drinking beer all night and you've gotten bored with playing Team Fortress.

And poor Than - one of their producers. Has to sit and run the show for them and post the calls. He keeps trying to throw them to a break and they don't want one.

This is sad. He is a babbling douche. If you were like.. a 16 year old boy who was high and listening to this, Joe Rogan would be your hero.

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