A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

I have a confession to make.

I despise The Decemberists. There.

They've made some musical appearances on shows lately and while they aren't nearly as bad as a lot of the other groups in their genre - I tried to sit through, give them a shot, really just listen with an open mind, etc.

I can't. The lead singer's voice hurts me like someone referring to Sum 41 as "punk" and I really wish "quirky clothes that don't really fit and interesting swoosh hair" wasn't what so many bands decide is their "image". Maybe they have some really genius lyrics I can find and appreciate but just never ever ever actually listen to the music - just like my relationship with The Weakerthans. (If you're a fan of the Decemberists and have never heard of the Weakerthans you should check them out. I think you'll like them a lot). If I am totally missing the glory of this band in my narrow and shallow ways let me know. It's entirely possible I'm just missing the point. I saw some mention of them in the same sentence with Orangina. And I'm definitely a huge fan of Orangina.

Oh - and I keep finding all these references to Pavement NOT being a painful new emo bullshit fest but can't find any actual evidence of it. My first exposure to them was working in the wee hours one morning in retail resetting the fixtures in the shoe department with the "planogram" (fake word) team. And the guy who was the floor lead for the shoe department (quite, uptight, didn't know he was gay yet) brought in some of his own music to play. After about 20 minutes I asked him why the hell we were listening to a tape of a bunch of whiney 14 year olds and he informed me that this was Pavement and they were Awesome.

Since then - I keep hearing about this "awesomeness". Please someone point me to at least the one album of theirs that you think is fucking "awesome". If it sounds like Death Texas for Dashboard December then I'll pass. If it's more like Fugazi, embrace, rites of spring, 7 seconds, etc. then I'm at least willing to give it a listen.

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