A Non-Newtonian Fluid (maddening) wrote,
A Non-Newtonian Fluid

Uuuugh not the dog

The last few months... well... everything since January, really... have been one disaster, issue, medical problem, annoyance, and stress out after another. 2007 has truly sucked so far.

The one thing that was great was the fact that none of the kitties had any issues and the dog was her wonderful self every day.

Today, she's peed in random places in the house 3 different times, been outside with me 5 times since 8:30 this morning and each time pees oh... 4 or 5 times. Not her norm. She's a 3 pee break a day kind of dog with extra "I just want to go outside and sniff around" excursions. And one of the pee spots had blood in it.

So we got a lucky spot on an open appointment today, Karl is leaving work early and we're getting her to the Vet to get her checked out. I'm sure it's a UTI. And other than the constant peeing she's fine. No fever, no lethargy, no tenderness and she even ate her food this morning.

The thing that freaks me out is the pet food recalls. Nothing she eats has been recalled. One brand that we tried out when shopping around for something that wasn't Royal Canin (lots of unnecessary fillers in the food and we had to water the food or wait until she was super hungry in order for her to eat it) was a Blue brand - which just recalled all its canned food. The thing is - they never labeled their food to include the rice gluten that contained the contaminant but the company manufacturing it for them included it anyway. So they now don't have any faith in ANY of their products. Royal Canin had similar issues with a few of their particular brands (none of which Mika has ever had) - but the fact that the producers have been adding shit that wasn't supposed to be in there bugs the hell outta me. And the "warning signs" are vomiting (which she hasn't done), diarrhea (a little runny day here or there, but nothing horrible), and changes in urination. We used the Blue brand food like... 2 months ago. Right now she's eating Wellness brand Supermix and she absolutely loves it. It's one of the few "human grade" pet foods I was able to find that wasn't also disgustingly expensive. It's also made by the same company that makes Old Mother Hubbard treats - a brand we already use. We're considering switching the cats to it as well. And it's one of the few bigger companies that doesn't use rice and wheat gluten in its food.

I'm SURE it isn't that. I'm SURE it's a UTI - it's really common in dogs. But I'm a worrier about a lot of stuff - especially when it comes to her. Aside from a huge engorged tick, a bee sting, and a caught-very-early-because-I'm-psycho spot of mange when she was only 3 months old she's been healthy, no issues, no traumas.

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